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Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
Label: Interscope Records
Release: 2005

1. All The Love In The World
2. You Know What You Are?
3. The Collector
4. The Hand That Feeds
5. Love Is Not Enough
6. Every Day Is Exactly The Same
7. With Teeth
8. Only
9. Getting Smaller
10. Sunspots
11. The Line Begins To Blur
12. Beside You In Time
13. Right Where It Belongs

With Teeth - Nine Inch Nails
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We rarely get a new Nine Inch Nails album these days as we all know so when there is going to be one release, the fans, and even the critics have very high expectations of Mr. Reznor. Perhaps he knows, this, and in my personal opinion, he hasn't disappointed me yet.

"With Teeth" is pretty much in the same styling of "The Fragile"; Nine Inch Nails' 1999 Double Album release. There really isn't much growth musically between the 2 albums, but the good thing for that is that they are both so strong that little musical growth and evolution is called for. In Comparison with NIN's 1994 Release, "the downward spiral", you can tell that personally, Trent Reznor is not the same lost soul he was back then, making beats out of pure noises and calling it art. This time he is a completely different lost soul, making more bearable, listenable, music to accompany his howlings about politics and personal struggle. Perhaps an advantage this release has over its predecessor is that it's not a double album, which can sometimes be a shoot in the foot thanks to most people's attention spans.

Ultimately, this is a great album. The Music is good, and the lyrics are really interesting and the feel is different from earlier released of Reznor, but not so much that you forget you're listening to a Nine Inch Nails album.

"With Teeth" is a definite buy.

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