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Nirvana - In Utero
Label: Geffen
Release: 1993

Serve the Servants
Scentless Apprentice
Heart-Shaped Box
Rape Me
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle
Very Ape
Milk It
Pennyroyal Tea
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
All Apologies
In Utero - Nirvana
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What should a band do after they conquer the rock world? The answer is simple: create the ultimate "fuck you" album. This is what Nirvana accomplishes with their 1993 LP, In Utero. Kurt Cobain begins this record sneering: "Teenage youth has served me well". This is just one of the many jabs to the quick commercialization and bastardization of the "grunge". The record name suggests birth, but all signs point to a rock 'n roll abortion. Their mission here is to distance themselves from the mainstream. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see the plan fully in effect.

While boasting anti-conventionality, the MTV-friendly tunes are still present. The classic "Heart-Shaped Box" and "Dumb" are satisfying, but with other titles like "Rape Me", "Serve the Servants" and "Milk It", one has to believe that corporate greed are what ultimately made the Movement break down. When Kurt sarcastically utters "moderate rock" to start the punk gibberish of "tourette's", you know he's in full tongue-in-cheek mode.

What did the music industry expect? "All Apologies" closes out this abrasive album with a few questions: Cobain contritely asks in the final bow, "What else could I be?" and "What else should I write?". This unrecognized piece of work sadly was destined to be overshadowed by an untimely death.

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In the wake of unwanted instant stardom, Nirvana and its members found themselves as heroes who slayed the permed giant that was 80s hair rock and ushered in a new era of music by real people who had real things to say. Although Kurt Cobain and company didn't intentionally change the face of music, they did, and the aftermath of this, coupled with the fact of the band's general dislike for how mainstream that have become are the sole reasons that In Utero is what it is. What is the album really? It is a band starting over, a band not even trying to live up to the success and magnitude that they had achieved with Nevermind; how could they? With that in mind, they bring forth songs that are somewhat sloppy, with substandard production. All those qualities usually make for a poor record, but the songs themselves shine past all the debris of the recording sessions. Suddenly you get the point, this was SUPPOSED to sound this way, they didn't want another Nevermind, they just wanted to make music, and the music they made reflected the personal change they have went through as a band as people over the process of becoming the biggest band on earth. Sadly, lyrical content reflects this all too well, along with Cobain's struggle with life, physical and emotional pain, and thoughts of suicide. In Utero is a barebones look at a band that had no other choice but to make an album just like this one. Sadly, it was the last Nirvana studio album because of Cobain's 1994 Suicide, and what a loss, he had so much potential to be whoever he wanted to be. Rock star or not.

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