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Kate Bush - The Red Shoes
Label: Sony
Release: 1993

Rubberband Girl
And So Is Love
Eat the Music
Moments of Pleasure
The Song of Solomon
The Red Shoes
Top Of The City
Constellation Of The Heart
Big Stripey Lie
Why Should I Love You?
You're The One
The Red Shoes - Kate Bush
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1993's "The Red Shoes" found Kate at a low point - inbetween the release of the Sensual World and this album, she'd lost some people. Gary Hurst, one of the dancing team she had with Stewart Avon-Arnold, Alan Murphy, her guitarist, and Hannah,her mother. Also, her long-term relationship with Del Palmer had fallen apart. As a result, the last Kate Bush album todate features a Kate that's ready to open up, which she does - this album is an album filled with heartbreak and personal loss.

Kate though, is upbeat at times - with wonderful, infectious records like "Rubberband Girl" and "Eat the Music" on this CD.Both songs are irresistible, and so incredibly catchy - "Rubberband" is especially outstanding, with it's superb chorus.You also get the more obtuse Kate as well, with the huge-sounding "Big Stripey Lie" (featuring Kate on guitar and bass, andanother great Nigel Kennedy violin line) making little sense, but it's still brilliant. There's also a funky collabarationwith Prince here, on "Why Should I Love You?" that's very good. You also get the less memorable, but still top-drawer, funky"Constellation of the Heart" as well, which is another bonus.

Apart from these happy, nonsensical moments though, this album is pretty down. "Rubberband Girl" is followed by the ballad "And So Is Love" starring Eric Clapton on guitar, and after "Eat the Music", we get the beautiful "Moments of Pleasure", probably the best song on the album. The soaring "Just being alive/it can really hurt" chorus is enough to make you cry, and the final refrains at the end where she remembers the people that she lost is particularly emotional.

"Moments of Pleasure" is followed by the minimalistic "Song of Solomon", which also features the Trio Bulgarka, and Kateexpressing her anger at her lover. Next up is the dark "Lily", a song which probably has the best chorus on the entirealbum (well, this and a couple of others)'s particularly memorable for the way that Kate sings it - she seems prettyscared in this song.

We return to the fast, happy beats in the title track, a song which is kind of autobiographical. The song's about a womanwho puts on a pair of red shoes which force you to dance forever and ever, and she wants to get off. The song is kind ofa metaphor for the weary Kate wanting to get away from the music business and take a break. We get more beauty in "Topof the City", a song with another amazing chorus line, and some brilliant lyrics.

After Constellation, Big Stripey Lie, and Why Should I Love You?, the album closes with "You're the One", a beautiful balladabout heartbreak at the end of a relationship. This song would be pure drek in the hands of others - but Kate sings it sobeautifully, and she's so sincere in this song that it doesn't matter. The song is again, incredibly personal - it's aboutthe breakup with Del Palmer, and the music features a host of guests - Gary Brooker, who contributes Hammond, The TrioBulgarka, who contribute voices, and Jeff Beck, who naturally, contributes exceptional guitar. Kate's singing and lyricsare so beautiful, and she even gets in a Procol reference ("the times we sailed the seven knots/doing cartwheels across thefloor/just forget it alright?")'s a beautiful song, and naturally closes out with some classic Jeff Beck guitar, andsignature Kate Bush screams. As the song fades out, for the moment at least, we fade out on Kate's career.

I originally gave this album a 9, but I decided as I wrote the review to give it a 10. For the moment at least, it's a great swansong, and the songs that it has are truly worthy of a 10. Fantastic album. Will she release another? Time willtell, but at the moment *knock on wood* things look good. She's happy again, she's had a son, she's got a new boyfriend,and she started recording at her studio in late '99. Sometime soon, we may very well hear from the beautiful, angelic geniusonce again. Until then though, she does have 7 classic records and a whole host of other brilliant songs to keep anyoneoccupied.

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look at me! i'm blake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

any ways, i like this album a lot. this may be the peak of kate's pretention, but listening to it its' hard to tell. the album sounds so fun! kate sounds like a great girl, who'd be fun to hang out with and talk about baudelaire with! the lyrics are much darker however.

this album is VERY varied musically, which makes it a nice counterpoint to kate's other albums, which are usually of a piece (not to say they sound a like, she just achieves a certain sound on each album) from the funk of the prince collaboaration, to the great pop single, rubberband girl.

not the best kate album, but a great effort.

oh, it also had a movie that i've never seen, that i heard is pretty messed up and it features kate dancing in shoes that just won't stop dancing! the movie is based on six songs from the album. heh i want to buy it.

kate has eric clapton and jeff beck on this album, yet she plays guitar quite regularly throughout which is cool cuz she's pretty good.

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