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Eels - Blinking Lights & Other Revelations
Label: Vagrant Records
Release: 2005

(disc 1)
1. Theme from Blinking Lights
2. From Which I Came/A Magic World
3. Son of a Bitch
4. Blinking Lights (For Me)
5. Trouble With Dreams
6. Marie Floating Over the Backyard
7. Suicide Life
8. In the Yard, Behind the Church
9. Railroad Man
10. Other Shoe
11. Last Time We Spoke
12. Mother Mary
13. Going Fetal
14. Understanding Salesmen
15. Theme for a Pretty Girl That Makes You Believe God Exists
16. Checkout Blues
17. Blinking Lights (For You)

(Disc 2)
1. Dust of Ages
2. Old Shit/New Shit
3. Bride of Theme from Blinking Lights
4. Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)
5. I'm Going to Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart
6. To Lick Your Boots
7. If You See Natalie
8. Sweet Li'l Thing
9. Dusk: A Peach in the Orchard
10. Whatever Happened to Soy Bomb
11. Ugly Love
12. God's Silence
13. Losing Streak
14. Last Days of My Bitter Heart
15. Stars Shine in the Sky Tonight
16. Things the Grandchildren Should Know
17. Stars Shine in the Sky Tonight
18. Things the Grandchildren Should Know
Blinking Lights & Other Revelations - Eels
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Double albums are dangerous territory in Rock music. Usually done well in terms of compilations and greatest hits, many artists have tried, yet few have succeeded in creating two full discs of great tunes. It takes a well-grounded band to pull off a double album, as we have seen from The Smashing Pumpkins with Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness and Pink Floyd with the legendary album The Wall.

Mark Oliver Everett fortunately delivers very well with Blinking Lights and Other Revelations. Throughout, Everett blends excruciatingly emotional lyrics with the type of musical quirkiness and genius that has made Beck stand out amongst the industry.

Burdened by the loss of his mother and sister within the short frame of several years, the album is an emotional roller-coaster. "Things the Grandchildren Should Know," takes you through a typical day in the life of Everett before a verse about his father, who died while Everett was still in his teens, changes the song completely and gives the entire song new meaning. One of the key things that make this album work is Everett's ability to take lyrics, which on paper would seem bland, and choke every little bit of emotion out of them.

The music is equally depressing as the lyrics. "Dust of Ages," is absolutely emotional sounding on it's own, Everett's lyrics just make it that so much more, singing lyrics such as "I'm not fucking around anymore."

Fans of Beck's "Sea Change," The Arcade Fire's "Funeral," and Elliott Smith's "Figure 8," are sure to enjoy this album. Similarly, those who weren't enchanted by the Eels past work might just be turned by this album...just like this reviewer was.

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