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Culture Club - Greatest Hits
Label: Virgin Records
Release: 2005

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
Time (Clock Of The Heart)
I'll Tumble 4 Ya
White Boy (Dance Mix)
Church Of The Poison Mind
Karma Chameleon
Miss Me Blind
It's A Miracle
Black Money
The War Song
Mistake No. 3
Love Is Love
Move Away
I Just Wanna Be Loved
Cold Shoulder
Your Kisses Are Charity
Greatest Hits - Culture Club
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Virgin Records has given us a great compilation of the Culture Club. Culture Club is probably now best known by Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (of Wedding Singer fame). Anyways this entire CD screams 80s. If you are into that era of music you'd probably be overwelmed by the synthy keyboard pop music. :) Also there is going to be a DVD release with this CD release (which will be released June 21st, 2005).

I highly suggest this to anyone that misses the 80s. ;)

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