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Tinstar - The Thrill Kisser
Label: Phantom
Release: 1998

1. Head
2. Disconnected Child
3. Picture Of A Girl
4. Viva
5. Raincheck
6. Going Slow
7. Don't Say
8. Wonderful World
9. Fast Machine
10. Destruction

The Thrill Kisser - Tinstar
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Tinstar's debut album "The Thrill Kisser" seemed like it was made for two groups of people; gays who frequent clubs, and people who were big fans of the U2's Zooropa. The feel of this album is very much similar to Zooropa, but what sets it apart is that you can just hear it blaring out of your local gay bar because it is the kind of music that makes you want to dance. While having great grooves such as "Head" "Viva" and "Disconnected Child", it also has the occasional chill-out songs such as "Picture of a girl" and "Raincheck", giving you just enough time in between measures to catch your breath so you can get up and dance to the rest of high-energy beats the album has. Its a good album to shake your booty to and you won't lose any street cred for doing so because it also rocks! It's an album for all lovers of rock and electronic music, and will not leave a sour taste in your mouth after your initial listen.

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