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Salt - Auscultate
Label: Polygram Records
Release: 1995

1. Impro
2. Honour Me
3. Beauty
4. God Damn Carneval
5. Obsession
6. Bluster
7. Lids
8. So
9. Witty
10. So I Ached
11. Flutter
12. Sense
13. Undressed

Auscultate - Salt
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I don't know why but I have loved this album since I bought it when it first came out, This Swedish trio have made simple, unassuming songs that just feel good to listen to. The guitar is incredibly simple, at time noisy thanks to Nina Ramsby's unique playing style. She also has lyrics which seem to mean absolutely nothing, but English is her second language so this can be forgiven. The Bass and Drums are also simple, but the dynamics of the songs seem to be what's important here. The Intro is deliciously noisy, as is the solo on "So". Auscultate is a good find, if you can find it anywhere. At the time of its release, I considered it to be highly under-rated, just as I still do. Highlights are "Lids", "Bluster", "So" and "Undressed". There are maybe one or two songs on the album that aren't really appealing to me as the rest, and that is the only reason it doesn't get a perfect score.

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