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Chalk FarM - Notwithstanding
Label: Sony
Release: 1996

1. Live Tomorrow
2. Lesson
3. Lie On Lie
4. Hey
5. Lose You Know
6. When Something Becomes Nothing
7. Don't Believe
8. Wonder
9. I'm Awake
10. Lilly Anne
11. It's Up To You
12. The Girl Is Crying
13. Sunflower
14. Don't Mean Much ((Bonus Track)

Notwithstanding - Chalk FarM
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Being a Louisiana native, I am partial to Better than Ezra, and perhaps the reason that I hate this Chalk FarM band so much is that they have completely trampled Better Than Ezra's sound, held it hostage, beat the hell out of it and then smothered in a bag of unenthusiastic, uninspired rhetoric that they call music. This CD is unoriginal, that usually can be forgiven in the presence of good music, but sadly, that is not the case here. Here we find an encroachment on another band's sound coupled with lazy music and lyrics that just seem to be "there" and carry no emotion in them at all. Since having possession of this CD, I listened to it all but twice and gave up on it. I haven't heard anything else from this band since, I consider that a blessing. Please do not buy this album, unless you like cheap imitations of good bands.

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