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Black Lab - Your Body Above Me
Label: Geffen
Release: 1997

1. Wash It Away
2. She Loves Me
3. X-ray
4. Time Ago
5. Can't Keep the Rain
6. Thin White Lie
7. Anything
8. Ten Million Years
9. All the Money in the World
10. Sleeps with Angels
11. Bring It On
12. Gates of the Country

Your Body Above Me - Black Lab
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This CD is bland. The music is good, not great. The lyrics are Ok, or marginal at best. I bought this album for the obvious single "Wash it away" when it came out. I like this CD, but not enough to buy it again. This band is unoriginal and seems to have been on the mass production assembly line of the post-grunge pop sound everyone tried terribly to create in the late 90's. Black Lab weren't even a flash in the pan, and they have been like so many other bands from this era that slink off into the shadows of obscurity, and for the fact that they sounded so generic I give them a poor rating.

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