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Kate Bush - The Kick Inside
Label: Indent Series Records
Release: 1978

The Saxophone Song
Strange Phenomena
The Man With The Child In His Eyes
Wuthering Heights
James and the Cold Gun
Feel It
Oh To Be In Love
L'Amour Looks Something Like You
Them Heavy People
Room For The Life
The Kick Inside
The Kick Inside - Kate Bush
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Back in the summer of 1977, the young Kate Bush recorded this masterpiece, selecting the songs from a massive cataloguewhich she had built up since she was about 11 years old. It was released the following year, after the gigantic successof her single, "Wuthering Heights", which spent the whole of March sitting pretty at the top of the UK charts.

"Wuthering Heights" itself fully deserves all the praise it gets - written in one night at her flat, the song is a masterpiece. Pretty much every note in this song is brilliant - from the great opening chords, through Kate's gloriousvoice as she sings about Cathy, the glorious chorus and the stunning outro guitar solo, it's an amazing song. Of course, it still remains her most instantly recognisable song, alongside "Babooshka" and "Running Up That Hill".

The album also boasts another big hit, the piano ballad entitled "The Man With the Child In His Eyes" (a song that,allegedly, was written when she was just 13)...again, it's a great record, with another great chorus, and tastefulorchestral backing. The lyrics are decent as well - not bad for a 13-year old!

So what about the other songs? All great too. The opening "Moving" features some of Kate's best vocals, the radio hit"Them Heavy People" is as catchy as hell, "Saxophone Song" features a great ending, and all the others are great too - Kate's lovely, soaring voice makes the songs very memorable. At the end of the day though, there's one song that totally stands out from all the other brilliant songs on this record.

"The Kick Inside" itself comes at the end of the record - a final, soft, piano ballad with some light orchestral backing.3 of the greatest minutes of music, ever. The song is so unbelievably beautiful, while also incredibly sad at the sametime - the song is based around the tale of Lizzie Wan, a woman who, pregnant by her brother, kills herself to avoid disgracing the family name. Never has incest been so beautiful! The lyrics are arguably amongst the best that Kate has ever written...lines like "I'll send your love to Zeus/Ooh, by the time you read this i'll be well in touch" and "I will come home again, but not until/The sun and the moon meet on yon hill" are simply amazing. And these lines were written whenKate was about 16. Artists could spend a lifetime trying to create a song as beautiful and as sad as this one, and Kate writes it at such a young age...unreal. And, of course, Kate sings the lyrics with such grace, and the song justhypnotises you. One of the greatest songs ever written.

Regardless of anything else on this record - this record cannot get any less than 10, thanks to The Kick Inside itself. Whata debut - one of the greatest debuts ever...and jesus, she was only 19. And there was a heck of a lot more to come from her- this is a 10, and the album is nowhere near her peak. That would come later.

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incredibly strong debut album. as a guy who listened to her later albums, and was a bit skeptical about her early stuff (after all, when somebody describes a person's work as like tori amos, the natural response is to throw up) but this stuff isn't no "i am woman hear me whine" crap. kate is an incredibly strong willed woman, and it shows on here.

the music is a tasteful collection of piano melodies, with slight jazz rock backing. it's a testament to the playing of the backing band that they add tons to the music without being intrusive. for example, on the hit "wuthering heights" the back ground music chimes in at JUST the right times to add to the atmosphere of the song. the lyrics are chilling.

in fact, this stuff might sound a bit like it's easy listening, but the lyrics are stark and dark, and christ this girl was 16!!!!! the man with the child in his eyes is truly creepy. kate trodded on similar territory on the infant kiss on never forever, and both are pretty freaky songs.

a great album. she'd get better, but she's already pretty good here.

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