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Nirvana - Nevermind
Label: Geffen
Release: 1991

Smells like teen spirit
In Bloom
Come as you are
Territorial Pissings
Drain you
Lounge act
Stay away
On a plain
Something in the way
Nevermind - Nirvana
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Nirvana, one of the classic 90's grunge bands, gives us one mind blowing performances with the release of the album Nevermind in 1991. Kurt Cobain, David Grohl (Also of the Foo Fighters), and Chris Novoselic make up the three man harmony.

All and all this album starts out with a huge punch with "Smells like teen spirit", "In bloom", "Come as you are" and "Lithium". "Lithium" is probably my favorite song on the album. After that it seems to drain off into a pure out grunge music with unidentifiable lyrics. My basic advice is once you reach the 6th track "Polly", just start the disk over you just reached the peak of this musical endeavore.


Reviewer Rating of CD :

     Perception. To some Nirvana was a Godsend, a loud grunge band that channeled teenage angst perfectly in a loud fit of distorted power chords and fast paced drum work. To others, Nirvana was just another average band on a landscape of dozens of other bands that bested them. Nevermind, while not being their best album (In Utero or Unplugged In NY take the cake, depending on your view), itís the album that made them stars and made Kurt Cobain a pop culture icon.

     Whether you like or dislike Nevermind, one thing is undeniable; it bridged numerous musical gaps. And while they drew upon many influences to get this accomplished, Nirvana eventually established themselves as their own band. This is the album that made grunge a house hold term, this is the album that took the mediaís eye off the hair metal of the 80ís, and this is also the album that brought Kurt Cobainís life to a pitfall. Selling over 10 million records since release, this is a landmark achievement, not only for Nirvana, but also for Rock music in general.

     Produced by ďhit makerĒ Butch Vig the album falls in place perfectly. The first 8 songs are all fantastic. Due to the spot on placement of the tracks the album starts with a bang (Smells Like Teen Spirit) and ends with a murmur (Something In The Way). Itís the essential party album, regardless of biases in music, most people seem to appreciate Nirvana and allow themselves to be entertained by them.

     Drawing from their grunge rock roots, this album is littered with moshpit anthems such as Breed, Territorial Pissings, and the classic Smells Like Teen Spirit. In the case of Smells Like Teen Spirit, a song which Nirvana were worried would be known as a rip off of the Pixies, you capture Nirvanaís essence. A driving drum beat, powered by Novelsekís rhythmic bass, and a memorable guitar riff and solo, mix perfectly with Kurt Cobainís depressing yet humorous lyrics. While it has certainly been overplayed in the past years, it is still an essential part of Rock history.

     Come As You Are and Polly showcase that Nirvana were not only a band interested in seeing people jump up and down and scream at shows. Many people, fans and celebrities alike consider Polly to be Kurt Cobainís most well written song. A fascinating story played out through youthful lyrics, Kurt switches in the distortion-drenched guitars in for a simple acoustic, and the song still sounds powerful. The anthem-like Come As You Are is another highpoint of the album. When Kurt Cobain sings, ďI donít have a gunĒ during the bridge you canít help but shudder as you think of how his life ended.

     The only missteps are Lounge Act and Stay Away. These two songs could have easily been omitted from the record and it wouldíve worked as an EP. These two songs keep the album from reaching maximum potential and are in laymenís terms; garbage. Aside form these two faults, the album is a classic, and will continue to serve as a stepping-stone in musical evolution.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Nirvana is one of the most popular rock bands of the 90's. Their first studio album, "Bleach" got them recognized, but it wasn't until their next CD, "Nevermind" that they climbed to #1 on the charts.

Nevermind is a mix of slow, dark songs and fast paced grunge rock songs. The first track on the album is Smells Like Teen Spirit. Personally, I dont think this song is anything special. It's ok, but it was blown way out of proportion. I think that the song was too generic, but that was plenty for most people apparently.

Some of my favorite songs on the album are Polly, Lounge Act, Something in the Way and Heart Shaped Box. Polly is based on a true story of a young girl that was tortured and killed in California. The song is dark and very depressing, but it does a good job reflecting the Polly Murder.

I know not everyone like Nirvana, but if you do and you don't own this album already for some reason, I recommend getting for your CD collection.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Ahhhhh....This is what music is made of! The simplistic and yet hidden message in Nirvana's "Nevermind" album is by far a REVOLUTION in and of itself. Here's a fact: When the album was released, Kurt Cobain was still living in poverty. I guess, in a way, that is the way it should be. Even though this album might have driven Kurt into the world of stardom(which lead to his suicide in 1994), it's improbable to reject the fact that the rhythm's of songs such as "In Bloom" and the infamous "Smells like teen spirit" were changing the face of music forever. Sadly, Kurt refered to himself as "a reclusive rock star"(Jornals, Cobain). This album might have driven Kurt mad, but it's tendancies and reflections thus have helped destroyed a part of the unrelentless forces of bad music. If Kurt was still living and if he wrote albums like these in the present, music would be easier to bear on all factions of the media. For the few years of the reign of Grunge, "Nevermind" helped inspire all people of pain and sullenness to rise and scream against those who oppressed them. If you don't have this album by now, you obviously have no clue about the nature of music itself (no offense intended). "From Mozart to Cobain" should be the beginning of the future history books on music. THAT is how important "Nevermind" is to the music in the world.......sincerely, your kindergarten cosmocrat......

Reviewer Rating of CD :

A very good album, in my opinion Nirvana's finest with the overrated In Utero some way behind. With the blistering single Smells Like Teen Spirit & top notch songs like Come As You Are, Drain You & Something In The Way, Nirvana couldn't fail with this album. While, as with almost every Nirvana release, it's rather weak lyrically, the catchy pop-grunge music makes up for it easily.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Nirvana never meant to become famous, but this accident occurred when more than the local Seattle music scene took notice of this trio's 2nd release, Nevermind. Nevermind is one of the few albums that had the power to change things. It Ushered in a new wave of modern music, and still resonates its power to this day. It has since been unrivaled in its sheer power. It changed everything, the way people acted, the way they dressed, and most importantly, the way they listened to music. Suddenly, Seattle was all the rage and everything from it was being sought after like a rare jewel. The songs are more polished on this CD than their debut Bleach; polished, but still raw with energy and life all its own. Cobain's riffs and screeching lyrics made an entire generation say "that is me, I understand". He didn't have to say a thing; the music was so powerful it spoke for itself. This album also introduces us to new drummer Dave Grohl, whose fiery drumming on this album is some of the most powerful ever recorded. He too, played a crucial part in the dynamics of this record. A record that has gone changed the way music was listened to and defined an entire genre all while not being pretentious , Nevermind is a true classic in every sense of the word.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Nevermind is a good album, and I actually do like it. I just think it's horribly overrated. I really don't think the album is really as "revolutionary" as some would like to believe. Cobain was never afraid to admit the debt he owed to his many influences, yet somehow many people seem to think Nirvana just appeared out of nowhere and magically created a whole brand new type of music.

Regardless, Nevermind is still a solid album and has enough grunge anthems to make it a good purchase for anyone who's a fan of 90s alternative rock.

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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