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Catherine Wheel - Ferment
Label: Mercury Records
Release: 1992

1. Texture
2. I Want To Touch You
3. Black Metallic
4. Indigo Is Blue
5. She's My Friend
6. Shallow
7. Ferment
8. Flower To Hide
9. Tumbledown
10. Bill And Ben
11. Salt
12. Balloon

Ferment - Catherine Wheel
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Long and boring songs make this, Catherine Wheel's debut also their worst album. Although this can be forgiven because if you listen to next 2 or 3 albums they put out, they obviously got it right. Ferment Resonates British Pop gone horribly wrong, or at least horribly boring. This album has a few diamonds in the Rough though, "Black Metallic", "Bill and Ben" and "Balloon" are all good songs, although "Balloon" has an opening riff that sounds very similar to the opening riff of Smashing Pumpkins' "Rocket", maybe that's why I like it so much. Perhaps the songs wouldn't have suffered so much with better production, who knows. In any event, this is a dull album, buy it and you might get one or 2 enjoyable listens out of it but afterwards it will just sit around forever.

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