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Catherine Wheel - Chrome
Label: Mercury Records
Release: 1993

1. Kill Rhythm
2. I Confess
3. Crank
4. Broken Head
5. Pain
6. Strange Fruit
7. Chrome
8. The Nude
9. Ursa Major Space Station
10. Fripp
11. Half Life
12. Show Me Mary

Chrome - Catherine Wheel
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Chrome is a slight step up from Catherine Wheel's dull debut "Ferment". The songs on "Chrome" have a bit less repetitive musical blabber and a bit more of structure to them. It is a chill-out album, with Singer Rob Dickenson's voice always being a numbing and unthreatening presence in front of the music that seems tolerable. Tolerable is the best way to describe this album. Chrome is not a bad album in any way, but it is also not a great album either. For this reason, it gets neither a high score, nor neither a low score.

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