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Danko Jones - We Sweat Blood
Label: Universal
Release: 2003

1. Forget My Name
2. Dance
3. I Love Living In The City
4. I Want You
5. Heartbreak's A Blessing
6. Wait A Minute
7. Strut
8. Home To Hell
9. Hot Damn Woman
10. The Cross
11. Love Travel
12. We Sweat Blood
We Sweat Blood - Danko Jones
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alright... this is what rock and roll is all about, sex, women, mean riffs, hard drums.

if you don't know about danko jones, then check him out on his US tour, best live show ever. they are a hard rock trio from toronto that has taken europe by storm for their non stop touring and they just flat out rock.

you have to check pollitical correctness at the door because danko jones is just balls out rock mostly about sex, and girls, though on this album there are a few songs about the music industry as well.

danko will blow your socks off, and make you think your cock is 10 feet long and give you an ego boost of 1000 points, but its all good in rock and roll

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