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Remy Zero - The Golden Hum
Label: Elektra
Release: 2001

The Golden Hum
Perfect Memory
Save Me
Over The Rails
I'm Not Afraid

The Golden Hum - Remy Zero
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Remy Zero's third and final album, marked frontman Cinjun Tate's return after a divorce from actress Allysa Milano and a long vacation from the media cutting their final notch in the music industry. The Golden Hum was released making moderate noise and moderate sales, that is until the song Save Me got high exposure as the theme song to the TV series "Smallville" launching album sales and a world tour. The powerhouse band sent one final message of trials and hope in the usual signature style of Remy Zero. The album starts out with an instrumental title track "The Golden Hum" thatís sure to set a mood and get you prepared for one more trip with some old friends. From there the album takes off with Glorious and Out/In displaying fantastic guitar work you can consistently expect throughout the album. Then the album takes a twist into the song Bitter, which in my opinion is the stand out song of the album. Strong emotion-full vocals and driven guitar make this song alone worth the cost of the album
With an almost familiar opening riff 'Save Me' reminds fans that Remy Zero is indeed rock as it should be. The ugly duckling on the album would have to be "Perfect Memory" which fell flat and felt forced. In the end you get a very introspective feel from "The Golden Hum" which more than vaguely translates to a person's journey thru the anguish and heartache and the hope that after it all life will continue and bring you something new, and amazing, much as the album itself was.
It's a true loss to the rock community when Remy Zero ended their career in 2002 and left their official webpage as a tombstone for the band, but as always a glimmer of hope in the end with links to band members new projects.

In comparison to their previous work The Golden Hum offers a more tragic, and well produced album than it's veterans, but lacks a bit in the feeling solidarity the band held.

Stand alone the album is a landmark in it's time and cannot be ignored.

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