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Lucero - Tennessee
Label: Madjack Records
Release: 2002

Sweet Little Thing
Slow Dancing
Nights Like These
Ain't So Lonely
Old Sad Songs
Chain Link Fence
Fistful of Tears
Last Song
When You're Gone
I'll Just Fall
Here at the Starlite
Darby's Song
Into Your Eyes
Tennessee - Lucero
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Country music has a history of creating music that every Joe Six-pack across the globe can comprehend and listen to. The good songs are always about the greatest things in everyday life: getting drunk, hitting on girls, driving around, and drinking some more. And while Lucero is not your average Country band, on the contrary far from it, thankfully their theme does not stray far from the above-mentioned subjects.

The general public has decided that Lucero does not fit into the genre of Country alone and have therefore labeled them Alternative Country. While this reviewer often frowns upon the frequent sub-genres added on to music everyday (emocore? fashioncore anyone?), I believe this is suiting. Suiting because many people could not stand to listen to a album from Country contemporaries such as Garth Brooks and such, yet the “edge,” that Lucero bring to the genre make it a lot easier to swallow.

The lyrics on Tennessee are the albums definite high point. One listen to Ben Nichols singing “Been a while since I was 19, been a while since I’ve been myself act like such a fool,” on “Ain’t So Lonely,” or his keen sense of description, “chairs on the tables, they’re mopping the floors, we’re still dancing, just like before,” on “Slow Dancing,” will take you back through a circle of memories from your past.

“Nights Like These,” is a typical tale of love, switching from depression, regret, longing, until Nichol’s sings “It’s nights like these, I don’t miss you anymore,” over crashing guitars and drums, pulled off perfectly. Equally entertaining is “Chain Link Fence,” which takes a more light-hearted approach on love. The song will easily find it’s way into your list of songs to sing drunkenly at high volumes.

A great album for the good times in life and the bad, Lucero have come through once again.

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