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Catherine Wheel - Wishville
Label: Sony
Release: 2000

Sparks Are Gonna Fly
What We Want to Believe In
All of That
Idle Life
Mad Dog
Ballad of a Running Man
Creme Caramel

Wishville - Catherine Wheel
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If you haven't heard Catherine Wheel you might leer at yet another Brit-Rock band, and expect the same old thing, but Catherine Wheel is one of those bands that trancends rock and dabbles far into musical and lyrical art. Catherine Wheel's album Wishville is UNDOUBTEDLY their most comercial album ever. Normally this is a bad thing, but the most impressive but not suprizing fact is it didn't change their heart. Wishville was as I see it, an attempt to save rock, wich was aparant in the first radio release Sparks Are Gonna Fly. This was reminisant of the mid 90's grunge area and bought us back to the amazing hardhitting riffs of their 95 release "Happy Days." The second release "Gasoline" had reminants of Bush's 16stone album, and it is good to hear these sounds return. This album also broke out with Idle Life, bringing in strings to enhance the Catherine Wheel mood as Rob pours his guts out to his always eager to listen audience. Altho CW swears that their showgazing daze are over, their latest tour (live performance included in the bonus disc in the out of print 2 disc CD set) showed us that they can make empty promises, and I'm glad they did. Seeing them twice on the tour proved that the dreamy effect of Robs vocals and Brian's guitar, Neils chilling harmony, and the suprising performances by newest bassist Ben will keep us "showgazing", even when greats like "Black Metalic" are retired. Wishville seemed to be the most introspective and heartfelt album in this veteran band's career.

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