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Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography
Label: Geffen
Release: 2004

Pieces of Me
Love Makes the World Go Round
Better Off
Love for Me
Nothing New
Giving It All Away

Autobiography - Ashlee Simpson
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The Clash, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols.... what do these three bands have in common? They played real punk music with a real punk attitude that really said, "Forget you! I'll do what I want to when I want to!"

For those of you who think that punk died years ago, I have some news for you... It has been reborn and it rocks harder than ever! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Ashlee Simpson!

Don't let the fact that Jessica Simpson is her big sister fool you. This little sister sounds nothing like her big sister. She's a hard-core punk, and she died her hair brown!

This girl makes Sid Viscious look like Martha Stewart! It doesn't get much more punk-rock than lip synching on Saturday Night Live and then doing a hoe-down as a final "Forget You!" to the brainwashed fans of America who listen to pop like Hillary Duff and Avril Lavigne.

This album really rocks. "Autobiography" rivals the best Blondie singles while "La La" sounds like The Beatles if Lennon and McCartney would have had about a billion times more talent and vocal range.

Buy this album. You won't regret it. Give a big middle finger to the man, Ashlee style.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

like, oh my god. please shut up if you think ashlee simpson is anything but a sick joke. at least her sister can sing, but they should both be shot for pretending to be artists. ashlee went on saturday night live and lip synched, only they cued the wrong vocal track, and it was quite obvious, and she just walked off stage, like the loser that she is. these rich and famous networked pre-chewed formulaic studio-corrected tripe-selling culture-diluting/polluting as-if musicians need to be retroactively aborted, please. turn off your radios, people. clearchannel is running the show, and it is a hoax of music really is. come underground, it's nice in here, and the music is sooo goood.

one more thing... as far as "giving a finger to the man" - this kind of fake punk rock independence is about the commodification of rebellion, like the tie-dye shirts they sell at walmart that are made by child labor in sri lanka, only the person that suffers from this artistic phony-ness in this case is the one who buys or buys into this crap. how likely is it that we would even know who "ashlee" is if it weren't for her similarly no-talent sister already being sadly well known? and if visibility were based on talent instead of connections (or breasts), how likely is it that we would know of either of them? avril lavigne is a joke of a rebel, another "just add water" cardboard cut out corporate nothing insult to music, but I bet if she saw ashlee on the street, she would spit on her. and that says a lot.


Reviewer Rating of CD :

First...I'd like to say that...I listen to all sorts of music. Junkie XL, Elliott Smith, Al Green, Nine Inch Nails, Bob Marley, Green Day...various genres...and that includes pop like N Sync', Spice Girls and sometimes Britney Spears. I can't say that I'm really into Jessica Simpson. I've only heard a few songs from her...stuff from the radio, and I can't remember the names of them, so I can't exactly give an "educated review" on Jessica...

but I liked all of Ashlee Simpson's songs better than anything I've heard from Jessica.

It's definitely not Grammy material, and people who like "underground" music, indie stuff...serious punk..."more serious forms of music"...are probably not going to get into this cd (unless you have a broad range of interests, like myself). If you can set aside the lip syncing thing (ouch) and the fact that she's Jessica's younger sister...then you'll find that she has a very nice voice (slightly coarse), lyrics that are pretty dark by teen pop standards, and she does rock quite well. It's an enjoyable album...but to compare her to people like The Beetles...I think that's going a bit overboard.

"La La" is my favorite track though...

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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