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Blink 182 - Blink 182
Label: A&M Records
Release: 2003

Feeling This
I Miss You
Stockholm Syndrome
The Fallen Interlude
Easy Target
All of This
Here's Your Letter
I'm Lost Without You
Blink 182 - Blink 182
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Growing up. It seems that somewhere along the line the boys in Blink 182 decided to stop gallivanting around naked on television to their ridiculously immature pop songs and decided to get lip piercings, all of a sudden idolize The Cure, and make this album. Yet, like a 13 year old having sex with a 21 year old college freshman, Blink appear ready, yet deliver prematurely.

The album opens up with the lead single “Feeling This,” which features one of the catchiest choruses of their career. The song relies all too heavily on Mark Hoppus’ catchy chorus, leaving Tom Delonge to fill out the less than great verses. Low and behold, Hoppus also has to pull the beaming with potential “I Miss You,” into a halfway decent song as Delonge once again sings like his voice is still aching from puberty.

Blink made their first mistake when they had Robert Smith sing the verses on “All of This.” Firstly, Delonge saved his only really unique guitar part of the album for this song, and second, Robert Smith outshines Blink 182 like he was a quarter sitting next to a dead leaf in the sun. Outshining aside, Blink make a pretty good effort of creating the same vibe and atmosphere of a Cure song, and Robert nails it perfectly. Best song on the album, hands down.

About Blink 182 “growing up.” The only growing up they show on this album is that they have managed to drop Pop/Punk and pick up Emo. “Always,” and “I’m Lost Without You,” with lyrics like, “And I’ll miss your laugh, your smile/ and I’ll admit I’m wrong, if you tell me,” make me consider that instead of listening to The Cure, the boys were listening to Dashboard Confessional. With this aside, even with the cry-your-heart-out lyrics, these are easily the albums two strongest songs behind “All of This.”

In short, this is really not that bad of an album. In fact, if some of the fat would’ve been trimmed, some of the splotches brushed up, it could’ve been great even. However, considering their past, this album is very good in comparison. Maybe the next time will be their chance.

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