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Kate Bush - Lionheart
Label: Capitol Records
Release: 1978

Symphony In Blue
In Search of Peter Pan
Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake
Oh England, My Lionheart
In The Warm Room
Kashka From Baghdad
Coffee Homeground
Hammer Horror
Lionheart - Kate Bush
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The follow-up to "The Kick Inside", which was released in the same year, and was rushed out
by EMI so that they could get the tour ready. Kate herself is not at all fond of this one,
mainly because she had just 3 weeks to record it. As such, only 3 new songs were recorded
for the album - the rest are, again, taken from her back-catalogue.

The new songs are very different from the older pieces - "Symphony In Blue" is a great
opener, with some wonderful guitar lines. It's a very laid back song, and it's one of the
best on here. If only for the line "I spend a lot of my time, looking at blue/no
wonder that I blue it!". "Fullhouse" is a little more straightforward, although it
features a great piano line in the verse, and an excellent chorus. And the words
"straightforward" and "laid-back" certainly aren't words you could use to describe the
fantastic "Coffee Homeground" a big-band style piece which is utterly infectious, very
funny, and really good - the best of the 3 new songs for me.

However, one of the older songs wins the day on this album. "Wow" is the album's most
recognisable song, and it's the best here too. Some great atmosphere in the verses,
all leading up to the incredible chorus. "Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Unbelievable!"
Unbelievable indeed. Beautiful song - easily the best on this album.

The others are pretty much all good too. "Hammer Horror" and "Don't Push Your Foot on the
Heartbrake" are both great, quiet-loud songs. "In Search of Peter Pan" is a fantastic ride,
"Oh England, My Lionheart" is very poignant and sweet, and "Kashka From Baghdad" is one of
the best - i love the chorus. The only slight, slight misfire is "In the Warm Room", a good
song for sure, but personally as far as the sex goes, i prefer "Feel It" on the last album.

Still though, i wouldn't dock any points for it - this is still a great album, even though
you should probably hear most of the others first before it. A very high 8.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

the least good kate bush album still has stuff going for it. stylistically similar to her debut album, it doesn't break any new ground. which is the only time a new album of her's did this. but it was rushed, and it's understandable.

that magical kate bush atmosphere of her early work remains though. she still shrieks like a banshee, and records great songs. this is very much of a piece... although most of this does sound the same, it's a quite good song she's playing, thank you very much! buy it last of kate's albums.

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