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Arcade Fire - Funeral
Label: Merge Records
Release: 2004

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
Une Annee Sans Lumiere
Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
Neighborhood #4 (Kettles)
Crown of Love
Wake Up
Rebellion (Lies)
In the Backseat
Funeral - Arcade Fire
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You could write a cerebral detached review of the Arcade Fire’s debut album ‘Funeral’. One that lists an endless number of esoteric references to other bands that the Arcade Fire sounds like, try to pigeonhole these 10 songs into some succinct and preordained definition of what a kind of music they are playing.
     You could hype them up with paragraphs of buzz words like “next big thing” or “album of the year”, but no, this music isn’t about showy pretense or empty posturing. It’s not like some NME cover making hype band with the same old power chords but a different chic. No, the arcade fire deserve more than empty words, because they represent everything in the human soul that isn’t vapid posturing, distant, detached pretense or a some cold plastic replication.
     I can name a few dozen bands that the Arcade Fire call back to, the frantic energy of the Pixies, the off the wall rhythm of the Talking Heads, the full lush arrangements of Belle and Sebastian or the profound majestically-melodic emotive force of Neutral Milk Hotel… but none of these connections tell you who this band is, or who they are, cause if ever there was a band with soul, this is it.
     Passion, fury, love, loss, rage, loneliness, hurt, innocence and hope seem enmeshed in every note of this album. There are no walls of faux pretense between the band and the listening, just direct, brutal emotional force
     This album speaks to the truest parts of the human soul. The inner child that saw and appreciated the sheer grandeur and magic of existing, that found meaning in everything and gave character to the shadows in it’s bedroom. The light of the soul that feels numb detachment of a world that emphasizes empty things that yearns to break free of its heartless suburban isolation and its structured world of inhibition and join hands in the street and share love and light with everyone who feels the same loss. This album oozes with mission and statement that drills right into the very core of the human condition. “the power’s out in the heart of man/ take it from your heart/ put it in your hand”, states singer Win Butler in one of the albums numerous masterpieces ‘Neighborhood #3 (power out)’ or the gorgeous centerpiece ‘Wake Up’s declaration “Children, don’t grow up/ our bodies get bigger/ but our hearts get torn up/ we’re just a million little God’s in rainstorm/ turning every good thing to rust/ I guess we’ll just have to adjust”… but the power of the message goes beyond the words into the chillingly beautiful choir of “oooooh” that fills the heart of the listener with hope and honest to god emotional connection… or at least, myself… this is an album about innocence lost, not just of childhood carefree irresponsibility but of society and the very essence and purity of the human sould…
     Enough talking about it… just listen to it!

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Tabris summed this up pretty well, so I'm not going to bore you with a full review. I really liked the energy these songs have. It just makes you feel like they really put alot of feeling into writing this album. It's good.

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