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Used, The - The Used
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 2002

1. Maybe Memories
2. The Taste Of Ink
3. Bulimic
4. Say Days Ago
5. Poetic Tragedy
6. Buried Myself Alive
7. A Box Full Of Sharp Objects
8. Blue And Yellow
9. Greener With The Scenery
10. Noise And Kisses
11. On My Own
12. Pieces Mended

The Used - Used, The
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Every couple of years or so there is an explosion of bands that all share a lot of things in common. Whether it is the “rebirth” of grunge, garage rock, or a handful of bands starting with “The.” Usually, 90% of these bands are garbage and can be dismissed on the spot. However, there are exceptions. The Used are one of those.

The band gets things rolling from the get go, with the fast paced thrasher "Maybe Memories," a mosh-worthy piece which breaks into a later melodic ending. Helping vocalist Bert McCracken’s primarily unschooled singing style, Quinn Allman on guitar, Jeph Howard on bass, and Brandon Steineckert on drums prove to master the technique of mixing thrashing loud breakdowns with quiet, melodic sections, all in one throughout the entire album.

“Blue And Yellow,” and “On My Own,” showcases the bands impeccable softer side. The former features McCraken singing beautifully over a piano and guitar melody, with lyrics such as “and you never would’ve thought in the end, how amazing it feels just to live again.” “On My Own,” is the bands lone acoustic-only song and it’s great, albeit a bit too short.

And now we come to the downfall. Throughout the album, The Used shine with beaming potential, but its tracks like “Say Days Ago,” and “A Box Full of Sharp Objects,” which feel unrehearsed and not well thought out, that hold them back from being great. The band always finds them on top, however, when they are focusing on the softer side of the sound and not drowning in distortion.

Setbacks aside, this is a good debut from The Used; they show promise throughout. Lets just hope that they can stick to their good qualities the next time around.

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