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U2 - Pop
Label: Island Records
Release: 1997

1. Discothèque
2. Do You Feel Loved
3. Mofo
4. If God Will Send His Angels
5. Staring at the Sun
6. Last Night on Earth
7. Gone
8. Miami
9. Playboy Mansion
10. If You Wear That Velvet Dress
11. Please
12. Wake up Dead Man

Pop - U2
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By the time Pop was digested into the general public, there was a sense of "ok, enough already!" People were getting a bit bored with U2's trend of electronica blended into the sound that made them known. But for the past 6 years, U2 just seemed to get more and more involved in it, and the result is Pop, which is almost completely a dance album. This, like the birth of Achtung Baby, jaded a lot of fans. Of all the albums they have put out, none have had worse reviews and bad acceptance. People were starting to think that Bono and Co. were losing their minds. Although some of the negativity generated is justifiable, Pop isn't really all that bad as people made them out to be. In fact, it generally showed U2 were capable of doing just about anything they want. Tracks like "Mofo", "Discotheque" and "Do You Feel Loved?" were basically nothing more than electronica and had very few U2ish elements to them, this is both freeing and frightening for a band of their caliber. Pop has its peaks as well as its lows; It's Peaks are "If God Will Send His Angels", "Playboy Mansion", "If You Wear That Velvet Dress" and "Discotheque", all wonderful songs in their own right. The low points are "Staring at the Sun", "Last Night on Earth", "Please", "Mofo" and "Miami". The few worthwhile tracks on this disc do generally warrant a listen. Just keep an open mind when you do so.

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