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U2 - October
Label: Island Records
Release: 1981

1. Gloria
2. I Fall Down
3. I Thew a Brick Through a Window
4. Rejoice
5. Fire
6. Tomorrow
7. October
8. With a Shout
9. Stranger in a Strange Town
10. Scarlet
11. Is that All?
October - U2
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U2's Second Release, October, is nothing really special. To be quite honest, U2 was nothing special until 2 years later with the relase of "WAR"

October has it's moments, and the best way to explain it would be War and the Joshua Tree in an embryonic stage. Tracks like "Gloria", "Tomorrow", "Scarlet" and "Rejoice" seem to carry a bit of what we would one day know as U2 in many formats. Other than these stated tracks, the rest of the album really isn't that impressive, but still worth a listen. It's always fun to go back into a band's history and see what and where they came from musically to get to where they are now. October, for most parts, sound empty and fragile, not exactly what most people who have heard the band's future releases which seem to have that special something that October does not.

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