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Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
Label: Sony
Release: 2004

1. jacqueline
2. tell her tonight
3. take me out
4. matinee
5. auf acshe
6. cheating on you
7. this fire
8. darts of pleasure
9. michael Listen
10. come on home
11. 40 ft

Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
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Franz Ferdinand's self-titled debut is an impressive, but short one. We start off with "jaqueline", which gives the impression that it's going to be a lazy, floating little song, but then fumes into something that screams brit pop rock. This is the whole story of the album. It features great guitar, clever hooks, and oddball musical shifts like from the intro to the rest of the song in "take me out". The only song on this album that I really dislike is the 2nd track "tell her tonight", I just never really made friends with it and it seems a little boring to me. This can be forgiven due to the dynamics and the level of interest the other 10 tracks provide the listener. This is an album that won't be for everyone, and it will be the kind of album that if you hate it, you hate it with a passion, and if you love it, you will love it blindly, and that has always been a sign of great art to me! Hopefully, this band will be around for a long time and continue to make intersting music such as this great debut!

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