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Genesis - Trespass
Label: MCA Records
Release: 1970

Looking For Someone
White Mountain
Visions of Angels
The Knife
Trespass - Genesis
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The formative Genesis, with not a Hackett or a Phil in sight, created this, their second album in 1970. As it goes, they'recurrently hunting for directions, and so they go from light balladry (Dusk, Visions of Angels), haunting acoustic (White Mountain), epic-style songs (Looking for Someone, Stagnation), and pure heavy rock (The Knife). They generally have success in all departments. "The Knife" is pretty easily the most well-known track here - it was a live stalwart for a long time. Although, live is where this song shines - once you hear the crashing version on "Genesis Live", you'll rarelygo back to this version - it's a bit messier, and the sound isn't as good. And of course, Hackett was a hell of a lotbetter than Phillips.

Therefore, while the Knife would certainly compete with the best on "Genesis Live" it can't here. As it is, "Stagnation" ispretty easily the best song - it's a wonderful, light song. With some wonderful keyboard and acoustic playing at the aroundas Gabriel goes into his "ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-said i wanna sit down" refrain. Truly a great cut. The other onesare all solid too, but one that particularly stands out is "White Mountain" thanks to the memorable playing. Banks embarasses himself with the truly abysmal lyrics ("Fang son of great Fang the traitor he seek, the lords of the Brethren say this!") although Gabriel, as usual, sings them with his normal conviction and classic voice. And it runs on an excellent acoustic guitar line - fantastic intro and outro too.

The others are all decent, although not as memorable as "Knife", "Stagnation" or "White Mountain". The opening "LookingFor Someone" is a pretty heavy epic-style song, going through various quiet-loud sections, and "Visions of Angels" and"Dusk" are both decent ballads. All these songs combine to give the album a very high 8 - it's an excellent work. Notall the songs are as memorable as each other, but they are all at the very least, decent. Great album.

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Genesis "Trespass" is a landmark work in the discography of the early band.

It features founding members; Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, with one-timers: Anthony Phillips (lead guitar) and drummer John Mayhew––soon to be replaced by, Steve Hackett and Phil Collins (2 major additions) on the third album: "Nursery Cryme."

Trespass really launches the band's visionary soundscape and lyrical style. There are beautifully delicate passages as well as grandious power progessions on this album. What was revealed to us as early fans, was a rich, individual soundprint and emotional, musical storytelling style that had never before been heard. You could live the music, not just listen to it.

Genesis were huge influencers on the Rock/Classical fusion or Theatre Rock movements that followed. The only disappointment here is the sound quality of the recording in some spots. "Audio-tweaks" (I am one) must simply tune themselves in, for art's sake, and just enjoy the songs.

"Foxtrot" and "Selling England by the Pound" will always be my personal, early favorites.

•The entire Genesis collection has now been re mastered by Peter Gabriel.

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