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Various Artists - For the Masses: Depeche Mode Tribute
Label: A&M Records
Release: 1998

1.) Never Let Me Down Again - The Smashing Pumpkins
2.) Fly on the Windscreen - God Lives Underwater
3.) Enjoy the Silence - Failure
4.) World in My Eyes - The Cure
5.) Policy of Truth - Dishwalla
6.) Somebody - Veruca Salt
7.) Everything Counts - Meat Beat Manifesto
8.) Shake the Disease - Hooverphonic
9.) Master and Servant - Locust
10.) Shame - Self
11.) Black Celebration - Monster Magnet
12.) Waiting for the Night - Rabbit in the Moon
13.) I feel you - Apollo Fourty Four
14.) Monument - Gus Gus
15.) To Have and To Hold - Deftones
16.) Stripped - Rammstein

For the Masses: Depeche Mode Tribute - Various Artists
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This is a great compilation that will really show how many genres of music Depeche Mode has really influenced. "For the Masses" has some of the best cover songs I've heard. Favorites include Failure's Rocked-out Version of "Enjoy the Silence", Deftones' "To Have and To Hold", Monster Magnet's "Black Celebration", Meat Beat Manifesto's take on "Everything Counts"(which you can almost swear DM's David Gahan is singing lead vocals) and "Policy of Truth" covered by Dishwalla, in a style that only Dishwalla could have pulled off. Weakest parts of this album is Self's cover of "Shame" which just seems a little too busy for my taste and Rabbit in the Moon's version of "Waiting for the Night" can be horridly repetitive at first, but gets better while listening. Also, the Cocktail Lounge version of “Master and Servant” by Locust won’t be for everyone. I was never a fan of The Cure's version of the "World in My Eyes" cover, but then again, it's all about personal taste. 80% of this tribute album is exceptional, excellent, and outstanding. Its get a high rating in my book, because most Tribute albums are littered with total trash, but clearly in "For the Masses", the majority of the artists representing some of the best known Depeche Mode songs loved the songs as much as any other Depeche Mode fan, and did their best to show their love by honoring them in their own special little way.

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