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Counting Crows - Hard Candy
Label: Geffen
Release: 2002

Hard Candy
American Girls
Good Time
If i could give you all my love
Goodnight L.A.
Butterfly In Reverse
New Frontier
Black and Blue
Why should you come when i call?
Up all night
Holiday In Spain
Hard Candy - Counting Crows
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My ex-girlfriend would make me mixed Cd's. Some Spontaneously and others on some special occasion. And here is where i was reintroduced to their music. While i have heard various sample of the Counting Crows work, i have not until this point listened to any of there full albums.
"Hard Candy" is a sort of relaxation, a brilliant album filled with bits of rock, piano, classical and jazz. It is one of those albums that you can let play all year around, while you're sitting on the floor in your bedroom doing work. The skin on your back will shiver at times and you'll even become nostalgic. But the songs let you live. They won't cause you to cry unless you're in a position where your heart is broken or when something more-than-normal occurs. And that is why HC is a relaxation.
HD's songs are simple, and yet they will touch you on different levels. There is nothing experimental here, and thats a good thing, because such would only ruin the album. Right from the opening track, you will feel the need to hug the guys who made this album. It's just that beautiful and none of the songs ever loose sense of that beauty. Each of HD's tracks are highlights for the album. Among my favorites, are "Why should you come when i call," "Hard Candy," "Butterfly In Reverse," "Black and Blue," and "Holiday in Spain." Honestly, its a hassle to select my favorite songs from HD because even after only 2 days of listening to the album, i have already formed attachments to each of the songs.
Download or Buy the album. You can rest assure that it won't waste your time or money.

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