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Ozzy Osbourne - Down to Earth
Label: Sony
Release: 2001

Gets Me Through
Facing Hell
No Easy Way Out
That I Never Had
You Know... (Part 1)
Running Out Of Time
Black Illusion
Can You Hear Them?
Down to Earth - Ozzy Osbourne
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Ozzy Osbourne started off a the singer of Black Sabbath and ended up as one of the most successful metal gods ever. He has battled drug addiction, the death of best friend Randy Rhoads, the divorce of his first wife, alcohol addiction- you name it and Ozzy's probably been there. But has this effected his music?

Well, Down to Earth starts off with a monster of a track, "Gets Me Through", his first single off of the album. The beautiful piano introduction to the song and the fiery guitar riff wonderfully blends in with Ozzy's vocals. The tone in which Ozzy sings this song just blows my head off, in the way he conveys such emotion into the words he sings to his fans.

"Facing Hell", perhaps one of my favorite songs on the album, has a very weird feel to it. The whole feel of the song is just rebellious, if you will, and the methods of vocal delivery by the Ozz Man himself is very cool. The vocal patterns are also very lovely.

I could go on forever about this album. I will say that the sound is way different than his previous stuff- alot heavier. Now, I'm not saying that it's bad to be heavy because I listen to much heavier stuff than Ozzy, but it's straying from the classic feel of his old stuff. That's probably my only complaint. I don't understand why everyone feels this is one of his weakest albums. To me, it's one of his strongest, along with Blizzard of Ozz and Bark at the Moon.

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