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Poison the Well - You Come Before You
Label: Atlantic Records
Release: 2003

Loved Ones (Speeches of How Great You Were and Never Will Be Again)
For a Bandaged Iris
Meeting Again for the First Time
A.) The View From Here Is... B.) A Brick Wall
The Realist
Zombies Are Good For Your Health
The Opinionated Are So Opinionated
Apathy is a Cold Body
Sounds Like the End of the World
Pleasant Bullet
Crystal Lake
You Come Before You - Poison the Well
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Poison the Well departed from their lovely record, Trustkill, for Atlantic Records, and most fans left the interest of the band because of the label change. The fans expected Atlantic to bring Poison the Well to a softer sound, seeing as how they were a major label and were trying to access the mainstream. Poison the Well didn't.

'You Come Before You', the new album by what are referred to as the godfathers of hardcore, is different than previous offerings. That isn't to say it isn't good, because often change can be a good thing. Such is the case.

The album opens with the amazing, in-your-face 'Ghostchant,' a beast of a song and indeed a monster opener. The chorus links the song to itself really, and as the album progresses through the next two tracks, the sounds never lets up. The guitars are loud but compassionate, the drums are pummelling, and the bass is good. However, what really sticks out is the vocals- being able to switch from such a brutal scream to a mellow, emo voice is beyond belief really. The fourth track is a hell of a track, 'Meeting Again for the First Time', which features a slow intro breaking into some of the most pissed off vocals you'll ever hear. But the song that MAKES this album good is 'Apathy is a Cold Body,' the track that defines the change in PTW. It's interesting that even PTW's ballads aren't all that mainstream accessible.

PTW have lost nothing in the label transition. What does bug me however is the song titles, and I know that's a stupid thing to gripe about but sometimes it can get annoying. Another thing is the sometimes murky production on the vocals, which at times can get drowned out. Other than that, this album is amazing and should be owned by hardcore fans everywhere.

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