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Tool - Aenima
Label: Zoo/Volcano Records
Release: 1996

Useful Idiot
Forty Six & 2
Message to Harry Manback
Hooker With a Penis
Die Eier Von Satan
Cesaro Summability
(+) Ions
Third Eye
Aenima - Tool
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If Tool wasn't in music nowadays, where would music actually be? Tool is one of those bands that isn't afraid to say things, do things, or just be who they are. They don't try to impress or appeal to a mainstream audience and they don't intend to make money off of their music. Which is EXACTLY what we need in music nowadays- stuff with talent.

Now, I know I'm 8 years late with the review but give me a break.

Aenima opens with the amazing track, Stinkfist, which features some of the best usage of synthesizers in music, as well as some fantastic guitars, stellar bass and ever better drums. The track then breaks into Eulogy, an 8 minute total song with a 2 minute sampled intro. The song is brutal, but beautiful in an odd sort of way. It has been said it's about L Ron Hubbard, but that's not important. What IS important is the lyrics, and the way Maynard James Keenan expertly combines his amazing voice with synthesizers is beyond that of any mortal man, period. The next track is a brief 'instrumental', if you want to call it that, which eases its way into Forty Six & 2, the best and most amazing Tool song ever written. This song has a very creepy feel to it that comprises itself lyrically of the idea of forty six & 2 chromosomes in the human body. The next track is a very homicidal instrumental but it's STILL FRIGGIN BEAUTIFUL. Jimmy, Pushit, and Aenema are all very notable tracks, but sadly, this album is a very complex and thought out album and most people that like the aforementioned songs won't have the patience to GET that far to those songs. I guess that our society wants simplicity.

What is there BAD to say about Tool? Absolutely nothing, I can not find a single flaw with this album. Some people may find that the instrumentals, the very CONSTANT instrumentals, may drag the albums listening ease down a little bit, but they actually enhance the whole feel of the album as a whole.

My Tool shirt and I will now go and be on our own...

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