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Russ Castella f/ Karen Vazquez - Angel Eyes
Label: The Orchard
Release: 2004

1. Angel Eyes (Crispbeat Radio Remix)
2. Angel Eyes (Mixshow Radio Edit)
3. Angel Eyes (DJ Macguver VS Tommyboy Remix)
4. Angel Eyes (Karen VS Lexa Styles Remix)
5. Angel Eyes (Mixshow Club Remix)
6. Angel Eyes (Karaoke Version)
Angel Eyes - Russ Castella f/ Karen Vazquez
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I am a huge fan of dance music and i nearly fell in love with this song after getting the copy before it released. Interesting approach was used on this record which converted the dance record into slower pop targeting US radio stations.

Track 1. Pop Radio. Just plain excellent. Russ Castella's music here is very catchy and Karen Vazquez' lyrics and vocals creates a moody feel. 5/5

Track 2. Mixshow Radio. Great dance version. Also catchy and sing alongable 5/5

Track 3. MAcguyver Vs Tommyboy. This is a tech remix. Not really my style, but a must have for chicago clubs 3/5

Track 4. Karen VS Lexa. Great for clubs. I think its 2 songs by Russ Castella that are mixed together. 5/5

Track 5. Mixshow Club. This one is for the DJs 4/5

Track 6. Karaoke of the pop version. 5/5

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