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Edwin McCain - Scream & Whisper
Label: Rte / Drt
Release: 2004

Coming Down
Shooting Stars
Throw It All Away
Turning Around
Say Anything
Good Enough
Couldn't Love You More
Farewell to Tinkerbell
How Can You Say That to Me
Day Will Never Come
Save the Rain
White Crosses
Wild at Heart
Maggie May (Bonus Track)
Scream & Whisper - Edwin McCain
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Scream and Whisper the first full band album by Edwin McCain (DRT Entertainment)in three years surely will not disappoint. He re-invents his style adding depth and a deep tone in songs like Throw It all Away and a get up and dance vibe in Turning Around. You won't ever think of him as the guy who sang "I'll Be" again. Here is just another opportunity to find out how truly talented Edwin McCain is. He shares some of the song writing credits with band mates Pete Riley and Larry Chaney and puts us in longing rememberence with Tyler Coleman and the song “Good Enough”. The album is precedeed by the single "Say Anything" a duet with Maia Sharp and is finished off with a classic version of "Maggie May". If you haven't discovered his music yet through his relentless touring schedule then Scream & Whisper is a great place to start.
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