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R.E.M. - Out Of Time
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 1991

01. Radio Song
02. Losing My Religion
03. Low
04. Near Wild Heaven
05. Endgame
06. Shiny Happy People
07. Belong
08. Half A World Away
09. Texarcana
10. Country Feedback
11. Me In Honey
Out Of Time - R.E.M.
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In some respects, "Out Of Time" brought R.E.M. out of the band that you "know that song but don't know the name of the band" stage to, "that song..."Losing My Religion..." it's by that band, R.E.M.!" "Losing My Religion," is of course, one of the most well known songs in recent history. Everybody knows this song. Don't pretend you don't. The reason this album sold as well as it did? Simple. That song. Sure, there are some other good tunes, like "Half A World Away," and "Near Wild Heaven," but the album is all based around that one song. "Shiny Happy People" may just be the stupidest song ever written, but there is something about it that is funny, and not necessarily stupid. Finally, "Country Feedback," though good on the album, is best heard live on the "In Time: Best Of" Collection, disc 2. This version seems like it was recorded in one take, which, is amusing and different, but I do often wish they had done a better job on the recording of the song. "Out Of Time" is worth buying for "Losing My Religion," but you can just as easily pick it up on the Best of, and I'd recommend doing this instead.

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Out of Time is a brilliant album, and a big step for R.E.M. The frequent use of acoustic guitars and mandolins brought the band into the 90s with a bang.

While "Losing My Religion" and "Country Feedback" are great songs, they're definitely not the only great songs on the album. "Near Wild Heaven", "Half a World Away", and "Texarcana" are all masterpieces as well. In fact, the whole album is great. It's sad that people often think of it as "the album with 'Losing My Religion' on it", because it deserves so much more.

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