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A.F.I - Sing The Sorrow
Label: Dreamworks Records
Release: 2003

Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)
The Leaving Song Pt2
Bleed Black
Silver And Cold
Dancing Through Sunday
Girls Not Grey
Death of Seasons
The Great Disappointment
Paper Airplanes
This Celluloid Dream
The Leaving Song
…But Home Is Nowhere
Synthesthesia (UK Bonus Track)
Now The World/This Time Imperfect

Sing The Sorrow - A.F.I
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Once in a blue moon a band will be known for not being very innovative, remain on the underground circuit for a matter of years, and then all of a sudden one day hit you with a piece of music that knocks you off your feet with originality and talent. In 2003, AFI released “Girls Not Grey,” the first single off of their upcoming album Sing The Sorrow. The only thing that remained of AFI’s once punk rock standing was the intensity of the music; the talent had increased immensely.

     The media slowly began to warm up to AFI as long time followers started with sell out rants. One thing was for sure though, whether or not you liked AFI or didn’t, no one expected an album like Sing The Sorrow. Jade Puget quickly become the foreman of the band, leaving the corny lead parts of past AFI songs behind and blazing through great melodic pieces such as “Silver and Cold” and the emotionally haunting bonus track “This Time Imperfect.” Davey Havok’s voice and lyrical content had both immensely improved as well. Such is the case in “Girls Not Grey.” The song is brilliant, but during the bridge near the end it is downright dreamy.

     “Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)” opens up the album with Adam Carson playing a somewhat simplistic, yet lovely drum beat that will be stuck in your head weeks after hearing the song, before Havok, Hunter, and Puget enter, building your excitement for what the rest of the album will be like. “Silver and Cold” and “This Time Imperfect” also both showcase the extreme musical improvement in the band, the former displaying how good of a drummer Adam Carson really is.

     The album ends with “This Time Imperfect,” which is perhaps the best song AFI have ever done. The haunting chorus of “There are no flowers, no not this time, they’ll be no angels gracing the line, just these dark words I find/ I’d show a smile but I’m too weak, I’d share with you could I only speak…just how much this hurts me” will linger in your mind for weeks. There are certain songs where the musicianship will overpower the vocals, but “This Time Imperfect” is Havok’s song, it’s beautiful in it’s misery.

     Don’t let the upsets of AFI’s past lead you to not buy this album; it’s leaps and bounds above anything they’ve ever released. Only a fool would ignore them now.

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AFI's C.D. "Sing the Sorrow" shows mastery of all aspects of music. The lyrics and vocals are powerful and haunting. The guitar riffs and progressions are very complex and simple at the same time. From personal experience they are fun to play. The bass, though often overshadowed by the other instruments, is extremely well done. Especially in the bonus track "This Time Imperfect". The drums are heavy and provide a sort of heartbeat for the music. All these things combined together make this one of the best albums AFI or anyone else has ever produced.

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