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Bleeding Vaginas, The - Something To Offend Everyone
Label: IR Productions
Release: 2004

Intro/Mary Had a Little Lamb
You Were An Accident
The Ballad of Steve
Your Momma's A Ho
The Most Racist Song EVER!
Amanda Is Hot
The Lord Has Givin Us Boobies
BB King Hell
An Intelligent Conversation with A Band Member
The Joys of Pointing and Laughing at Dying Children
Your Worst Nightmare
You Weren't An Accident
Something To Offend Everyone - Bleeding Vaginas, The

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This album is funny as hell! It is, as the album title states, something to offend everyone! The best songs on the album are: "You Were an Accident", "The Ballad of Steve", "The Most Racist Song Ever", "Amanda Is Hot", and "The Joys of Pointing and Laughing at Dying Children"...hell, they're all awesome. I nearly cried from laughing so hard at this album. Go buy it!

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Reviewer Rating of CD :

I found it interesting that this band had their cd on this site. I'm a fan, yes, but they're sort of REALLY underground. Yet, I feel the need to write some type of review here.

I've been a fan of this band since before this cd came out. This cd was a year in the making, with no real intention of releasing the songs as a full album. That could be why so much of it "jumps around". There's no real steady pace. Yet at the same time, the songs are hysterical. One or two tracks may not be good as others, but the majority of it IS funny...if you're into that sort of humor.

They had a major success with the song "The Most Racist Song EVER", which I believe STILL gains an audience after a year of being on the internet or so.

Their formula is simply this: Really good music, with awful lyrics. Awful being used as a term for "fucked up". Anybody that listens to this band has agreed that they are undoubtably good musicians. Some have even wondered why they don't do serious stuff. However, each band member DOES have serious music out there. It just doesn't get promoted to the extent that this group does.

I wonder how many of these "20" votes I see right now have ACTUALLY heard this cd. I find that to be interesting. Then again, they all could have. I find it funny. I think a lot of people will too.

And if you don't, they claim to have an EVEN BETTER album coming out later this year. It's a concept album called "Smoke Weed with The Bleeding Vaginas". I've heard the few songs so far leaked onto the internet, and I gotta say, I think it will be MUCH better. So keep your eyes and ears out for that. And take a chance on this band!

Oh, and their main site is at

Reviewer Rating of CD :

As a member of the group, I think this band is wicked. They kick a lot of ass. If my wife would let me, I'd spend at least 37% of my paycheck on BV music and merchandise. I suggest everyone else do the same... Rock on!

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