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Tsunami Bomb - The Invasion From Within
Label: Tomato Head Records
Release: 2000

The Invasion From Within
No One’s Looking
No Good Very Bad Day
…Not Forever

The Invasion From Within - Tsunami Bomb
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Face it, if you’re a woman who’s name isn’t Courtney Love or Shirley Manson, and you head a rock band, obscurity is something that you will have to just deal with. Such is the case with Tsunami Bomb. Hailing from Northern California, the band not only features one, but two females amongst their ranks (Agent M on lead vocals and Oobeliette Sparks working masterfully on keyboards, adding more to the already lively songs).

Known as a punk band around most underground music circuits, Tsunami Bomb nearly bypass every punk rock cliché and stereotype. Also, unlike most punk bands, this one knows a thing or two about playing their instruments very well. Guitarist Brian Plink mixes a handful of genres into his playing style, drifting through punk, rock, and metal inspired riffs. Dominic Davi’s bass playing gives the tracks a very nice groove. This is especially apparent on “Lemonade,” which is the song they are most well known for. However, the best song in my opinion is “No One’s Looking.” Plink opens up the track with a death metal inspired intro (albeit much slower than your traditional death metal), before Agent M delivers her vocals over a very nice bass line.
The only fault that can be pinned to Tsunami Bomb is that their interludes can sometimes be a lot more skilful and easier on the ears than the actual song. Case in point, the albums closer “…Not Forever,” opens with a muted guitar melody and very graceful keyboard playing, this continue for a period of time before the song eventually combusts into punk rock. Halfway through the song it all comes together and sounds amazing, however.

While Tsunami bomb still have some kinks to work out, this album shows that they are well on the way to being one of the great bands of the years to come. They are scheduled to release another album by the end of the year, hopefully they will gain the recognition they deserve.

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