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Fire Theft, The - The Fire Theft LP
Label: Rykodisc
Release: 2003

Uncle Mountain
Waste Time Segue
Oceans Apart
Backwards Blues
Waste Time
Rubber Bands
It's Over
Carry You

The Fire Theft LP - Fire Theft, The
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There was no such sweeter news bestowed upon me last year than the words informing me that Jeremy Egnik was recording again. It was a real kick in the nuts when Sunny Day Real Estate broke up after releasing The Rising Tide in 2000. They broke the news three weeks before their UK dates; a much anticipated return to their transatlantic stomping ground - apparently due to a rift between Dan Hoener and Jeremy. But that's all beside the point. Sunny Day Real Estate circa 1997 are back in corduroy guise with The Fire Theft LP. And thank fuck.

Like past exploits Diary (1994) and LP2 (1995), The Fire Theft LP is graceful and arrogant. Egnik's knack for writing beautiful music goes undisputed. We begin this marathon with 'Uncle Mountain', which is just breathtaking in it's depth. This track is classic Egnik. Massive vocals from a - relatively - puny voice; the harmonies; the laying back of the beat two-thirds through.
The band seem to be sticking with what's tried and tested; what works best. Past SDRE albums show their control and grip over epic ballads, to which 'Chain', 'Summertime' and 'Houses' pertain. The latter, a candy-sweet glazed toe-tapper full of class and elegance.
'It's Over' and 'Waste Time' were the tracks I had been waiting for - Mendel's basswork across the album, but particularly on this track is excellent; a true essential jam-along for any bassist who wants to hear more from the man behind Foo Fighters' 4-string duties. 'Waste Time' mixes the eloquent with the ghostly-obscure.

'Rubber Bands' is reminiscent of work on LP2; say 'Theo B', '5/4' - the less-polished tracks that demand listening for their brashness. It glides through a time change to reveal, in it's Darth Vader-unmasking climax - not an evil side as such but definately a less samaritan side, yes.

Best tracks on the album and outshining examples as to why people shouldn't do what I've done a bit here and that's compare Fire Theft to Sunny Day; 'It's Over' - a beauty of a tune, the bass makes this track with Jeremy's wailing vocals and old-school chorus. I was a bit miffed at this song as a friend had written a song with the exact same intro. Regardless - fantastic.
The song I find impossible to cease replaying is the piano-powered 'Heaven'. This song knocked me on my ass the first time I heard it, it really is a power ballad in every sense of the word.

So worth the 5 I paid on eBay for it (absolute bargain) I recommend this CD outright even if you hate Sunny Day Real Estate - the absence of Dan Hoener and William Goldsmith has definately changed the perception of the depth of this band.

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Jeremy Enigk and friend are the most talented group of musicians to ever come out of seattle in my opinion. You are crazy if you haven't bought this record yet.

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