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Who, The - Live At Leeds
Label: MCA Records
Release: 1995

Heaven And Hell
Can't Explain
Fortune Teller
Young Man Blues
Happy Jack
I'm A Boy
A Quick One, While He's Away
Summertime Blues
Shakin' All Over
Amazing Journey/Sparks
My Generation
Magic Bus
Live At Leeds - Who, The
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As soon as you hear the band blast into "Heaven and Hell" you can tell this cd kicks some serious ass. The group runs through three more of their 3 minute pop singles ("Can't Explain", "Fortune Teller", and "Tatoo") (not that they're bad or anything, actually thet're pretty damn good) before we get the second big track, "Young Man Blues". Although it can get tiresome after a few refrains, it's a great bouncy blues song and fun to listen to. After three more of the pop singles ("Substitute, "Happy Jack" and "I'm Boy") and some hillarious dialouge, The Who launch into their mini opera "A Quick One (While He's Away)". Complex along with some great vocal harmonies, listen to it, yadda yadda yadda. Next up: "Summertime Blues" super blues (duh) rock, its nearly moshpit inspiring. "Shakin' All Over" is probably my favorite song on here, with its crunchy rhythym and great atmosphere. This is followed by the sole inclusion from the performance of "Tommmy" they did at this show, "Amazing Journey/Sparks". After this is the tried and true anthem "My Generation". Instead of stopping after the regular 3 minute run time, it metamorphoses into a 14 minute epic with parts of "See Me, Feel Me" and some rolling stones song thrown in. The cd closes with "Magic Bus". Its good in its four minute studio incarnation, but here it just drags on and on, seemingly never ending.

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