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Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
Label: Barsuk Records
Release: 2003

The New Year
Title And Registration
Expo 86
The Sound of Settling
Tiny Vessels
Passenger Seat
Death of an Interior Decorator
We Looked Like Giants
A Lack of Color

Transatlanticism - Death Cab for Cutie
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     "What is this a school trip?" remarked Ben Gibbard to my friends and I as we drunkenly shouted approval at them while watching them perform live at the AB Club in Brussels. Thinking back upon his comment it appeared to me that as my friends and I go through school, learn from our mistakes and eventually come out better people the same can be said about Death Cab for Cutie in terms of music.

     On Transatlanticism, Death Cab for Cutie have reached the highest point of their career thus far. It is their best album. They have finally tapped into all of their musical ingenuity and talent and have put it all to test.

     While Ben Gibbard is the technical leader of the band due to his lead singer status, the music is very well blended and there is no clear person who is the most talented. It’s the accumulation of all sound rather then the skills one person that makes this album a worthy experience.

     Every song featured on this record is great with the minor misstep of ‘We Looked Like Giants’ which sounds like a slowed down Thursday piece bar the screaming. The album opens with ‘The New Year,’ which is a great song and a great opener. Throughout the album you will take notice that Gibbard is very good at penning opening lines that will keep you intrigued for the rest of the song.

     The strongest song on Transatlanticism is the suburb ‘Tiny Vessels,’ a heartfelt story of trying to fake love when there is no love there. This song leads to the title track which is also amazing, an epic if you will, starting off with Gibbard and a piano before leading into the full band accompanying him on the songs final minutes.

     While the lyrics can be great, there are times when they sound a bit meaningless. Often expression takes a back seat to an overflow of metaphors and the band can get lost in it, but it is not an overwhelming problem that brings the album down.

     Overall, Transatlanticism is a great album that should feel right at home in music listeners of bands such as The Dandy Warhols, Gibbard’s side project The Postal Service, and even The Cure. They certainly have grown, and it will be exciting to see where their musical talents take them next.

Reviewer Rating of CD :

I love this album! My favorite songs are "Title and registration" and "transatlanticism" .

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Death Cab for Cutie is easily one of my favorite bands of all time. Most people have heard their music without even knowing it (for instance, on The O.C. or in The Real name a few).

Their music is mellow but you can still get really into it..."Title and Registration" is the perfect road tripping song, "Passenger Seat" is great for driving with your significant other. "Tiny Vessels" (probably the most well-known of DCfC songs) is the perfect 'one night stand' song and "The Sound of Settling" is so fun to sing with your friends at the top of your lungs (Ba BAAAAAAAAA)

If you like DCfC...I suggest listening to some Idlewild (you may have heard some of their music in a video game...I think it was a virtual volleyball type of game...)

Hope this review was helpful!

Reviewer Rating of CD :

Transatlantacism is my first and only experience with this band. I must say at the beginning of the disc I felt like I was going to be disappointed, but the more the disc turned, the more I grew to like it. The songs here are pop alt at its best. Also there are a lot of really great rock songs on it. The songs are well executed and thought out, and the lyricist seems to know what the hell is doing, while writing great lyrics but he knows his vocal limitations and sticks to them, while some singers tend to go beyond what they are really should and ruin songs, but his absence of this characteristic further enhances the quality of the overall band. I am now really intrigued to hear their earlier/later albums.

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