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Pretty Girls Make Graves - The New Romance
Label: Matador Records
Release: 2003

Something Bigger, Something Brighter
The Grandmother Wolf
Mr. Club
All Medicated Geuniuses
Blue Lights
Chemical Chemical
The Teeth Collector
Holy Names
The New Romance
This Is Our Emergency
A Certain Cemetery

The New Romance - Pretty Girls Make Graves
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‘So raise a glass, to those who finish last, and here’s to us because we got all night,’ is sung by Andrea Zollo on the first track of the album ‘Something Bigger, Something Better.’ Thankfully, you will not have to endure this album for an entire night, and while Pretty Girls Make Graves don’t finish last they are far far away from being first.

Pretty Girls Make Graves are a good band, that’s undeniable. But often on this album it seems like the band members are very insecure, all trying to outdo each other. It’s to the point of where the lead guitar becomes incredibly annoying. ‘Chemical, Chemical’ and the title track both have potential until they are drowned out by a bevy of uninspired and just flat out stupid lead riffs.

‘Holy Names’ and ‘A Certain Cemetery’ are the albums stand out. On these two tracks the band seems to all flow together and the music fits very well with the vocals. These are the only two songs on the album that basically do not have any overbearing flaws. For those savvy to the internet, download these and spare yourself the price for the album because in the end ‘The New Romance’ feels more like a sleazy one night stand.

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