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Courtney Love - American Sweetheart
Label: Virgin Records
Release: 2004

But Julian, I’m a Little Bit Older Than You
Hold On To Me
Sunset Strip
All The Drugs
Almost Golden
I’ll Do Anything
Life Despite God
Zeplin Song-
Never Gonna Be The Same

American Sweetheart - Courtney Love
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Gear up, this is going to be a long one. Courtney Love, what a bitch, what a whore, filthy slut, untalented piece of shit, stop. Sound familiar? Not a lot of praise has been heaped on this once sex symbol of rock and roll lately. Whether it’s keeping her fans in suspense with this forever delayed album, running around the streets of England nude, holding back unreleased Nirvana recordings, or just being a terrible mother, it seems hard to give the girl any credit at all.

     Standing in the record store clutching a copy of ‘American Sweetheart’ I thought to myself ‘why even waste my money?’ Why should I give Courtney Love my money? She doesn’t deserve it. Remembering back to those days hanging out with friends and listening to songs like ‘Malibu’ and ‘Dying’ and loving them changed my mind and I bought the album.

     The last time we heard from Courtney in the form of music was Hole’s final album ‘Celebrity Skin.’ While it did not match up to the power of ‘Live Through This,’ it was a fine piece of work nonetheless. So, one might wonder, why would Courtney Love decide to go for a solo career? In all honesty, Hole was basically a solo career for Courtney Love to begin with. The media didn’t really give a shit about any of the other members, a former Hole guitarist dying of a heroine overdose didn’t garner nearly as much attention as Courtney Love’s exploits. In many ways, this is just like a Hole record, except not as good.

     Courtney gets the ball rolling with four songs that range from bad to absolute garbage. The first single ‘Mono’ is nail-bitingly annoying and features a guitar riff that sounds exactly like the riff from ‘Celebrity Skin’ played at a faster tempo. During the song she asks ‘did you miss me?’ Too bad there weren’t any level-headed music fans in the studio at that moment to scream ‘no’ and beat some sense into her.

     Just when you think it can’t get any worse than ‘Mono,’ Courtney shifts and hit you with the absolute shit factory of ‘But Julian, I’m a Little Bit Older Than You.’ Back on the ‘Celebrity Skin’ album the most truthful thing she said was ‘I am so dumb’ on the song ‘Dying.’ On this song she continues her truthfulness by saying ‘I’m overrated.’ So basically the media’s perception is correct; Courtney Love is dumb and overrated.

     The album swings into gear at track number 5, dubbed ‘All The Drugs.’ While some of the songs can be good they are often harboured by Courtney’s lyrics, her singing voice which has gotten a bit annoying in the years spent between ‘Celebrity Skin’ and this record, and she tends to scream a lot more than she should. At times it seems as if she’s trying her hardest to imitate her now deceased husband’s, Kurt Cobain’s (R.I.P) signature screech, but she just doesn’t have the pipes to do it.

     The best song on the album is ‘Never Gonna be the Same.’ Everything comes together on this song and Courtney should feel proud for being able to construct a song like this. The instruments work very well and her voice come off well with the music. ‘Uncool’ is another great song from the album, an emotional piece where Courtney claims that she would like to be out of the spotlight and wish people wouldn’t pay attention to her as much. Well, Courtney, on behalf of the media, I’d like to suggest that maybe if you didn’t do idiotic and asinine things like intake copious amounts of drugs, strip naked, demand for someone to shave your pubic hair in public, and then run down streets while still nude, people would pay more attention to your music than your lifestyle. Ok? Good.

     The only question that is relevant in my mind is; is there really a need for Courtney Love to still be making music anymore? Perhaps she should concentrate on her daughter more, that’s what should be important in her life. ‘American Sweetheart’ is both unimaginative and boring. A muted cry from a woman who passed her prime years ago.

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