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Ben Folds - Sunny 16
Label: Sony
Release: 2003

1.There's always someone cooler than you

2.Learn to live with what you are

3.All U can eat


5.Songs of Love
Sunny 16 - Ben Folds
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Should you buy this album? Well, it's very simple, if you liked Rockin' the Suburbs, yes, if you didn't, no. This album really shows what Ben is all about so if you're not into his style then you probably won't think much of this EP. It's the second of two EP's that Ben released giving fans something to listen to while he puts together his next solo album. A good lineup of 5 songs, you can clearly hear the jazz/rock feel that Ben puts into his tunes. Once again, if you've enjoyed Ben's music thus far, you'll love this EP and it's a great addition to you're collection. Ben obviously isn't concerned with profits, because this album is only available online from his site Can't wait for his next solo album.

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