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Neil Young - Unplugged
Label: Reprise Records
Release: 1993

1) The Old Laughing Lady
2) Mr. Soul
3) No Excuses
4) Pocahontas
5) Stringman
6) Like A Hurricane
7) The Needle And The Damage Done
8) Helpless
9) Harvest Moon
10) Transformer Man
11) Unknown Legend
12) Look Out For My Love
13) Long May You Run
14) From Hank To Hendrix

Unplugged - Neil Young
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From his emergence onto the music with Buffalo Springfield to his latest work with Crazy Horse, “Greendale”, Neil Young has never failed to impress. While some of his work post 80’s hasn’t been among the best of his career, you can never count Neil Young out. He has shown time and time again that fame is nothing to him, doing whatever he chooses even at the expense of some angry fans.

This recording, taken from his Unplugged special on MTV, Neil Young pages through his classics. While he is now growing old, he does not falter and become unimpressive like Bob Dylan did on his Unplugged outing, instead he breathes new life into his songs and his voice still sounds as fresh as it did when he broke into the music scene.

There are some songs, which undergo subtle changes, but it is “Like A Hurricane” that gets a monster of a revamp on an organ that seemingly overpowers the emotion of the guitar solo filled original. Easily one of Young’s most powerful efforts it is only matched by the brilliant renditions of “Transformer Man” and “Long May You Run.”

Fan favorite “The Needle and The Damage Done” also appears on this disc joined by applause and clapping from the audience. Even after all of the years the emotion of the song is not lost. While listening to this album the image of Neil Young in the 70’s is invoked, not the man in his 50’s who actually is singing these songs on the recording. It is simply that powerful.

Music fans wanting a small introductory to the Young’s work should add this to their collection, even though it is just a small sample of his genius, it will intrigue to scour for his other material.

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