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Ryan Adams - Love Is Hell, PT 2
Label: Lost Highway
Release: 2003

1) My Blue Manhattan
2) Please Do Not Let Me Go
3) City Rain, City Streets
4) I See Monsters
5) English Girls Approximately
6) Thank You Louise
7) Hotel Chelsea Nights

Love Is Hell, PT 2 - Ryan Adams
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Love Is Hell. Quite a bold statement, and although it might not apply to all of us, it is a very appropriate statement for those certain moments of your life where the pursuit of a significant other can seem testing.

Ryan Adams recorded the tracks that would be one album named “Love Is Hell” over a year ago and his record company rejected them. After much consideration Ryan recorded an album that was essentially a big rock cliché, aptly titled “Rock N Roll.” Soon after he released “Love Is Hell” as two separate EP’s. While these two EP’s will certainly not garner the same amount of media attention as his past albums, they are indeed Ryan’s best work to date.

The seven songs on this album all live up to the albums title. Each track is littered with references to lost and troublesome love. He even goes as far to say “true love ain’t that hard to find, not that either of us will ever know” on the absolutely brilliant acoustic track “Please Do Not Let Me Go.” On this track and many others on the album you can hear the emotionally sincerity in his voice, which when combined with the absolute brute honesty and brilliance of his lyrics provide a very enjoyable listening experience.

“Hotel Chelsea Nights” is arguably the albums shining moment; a slow moving track that builds up to a sing-along type chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. Near the end the track comes together with a shriek of an electric guitar and vocal back ups before launching back into the chorus, it’s incredible how the emotion of the lyrics are brought to their sheer power by the eloquent and masterful instrumentation on the recording.

“Thank You Louise” and “English Girls Approximately” both follow in the footsteps of other singer/songwriters such as Beck and Elliott Smith with graceful picked acoustic melodies and above average lyrics.

Ryan Adams has certainly come a long way. Hopefully this album will finally give him the attention he deserves, because Love Is Hell, PT 2 is incredible. A must listen.

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