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Someday I - Ref4
Label: Owned & Operated
Release: 2002

The Sun Will Burn Out
Live for the Moment
Live Through this Record
CRS Disease
Not Ok Computer
Suicide Prayer
Someday I will Ruin my Life
I already Quit

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Someday I's sophmore effort "Ref4" is released on Bill Stevenson's (from Descendents and Black Flag fame) small label Owned and Operated Records.

Someday I takes alot of influence from the Kansas City indie rhythm rock scene that includes bands such as Shiner and Season to Risk. Frontman and lead guitarist John Meredith's lyrics are hauntingly opaque and hard to relate to. Each song reads as a chapter of a story, written from the point of view of someone slowly crawling their way into the shell of a recluse. Some of the songs on this album are very personal and painful, while other songs are actually just written about the songwriting process itself (confused?). Before buying this album I was told it was a concept album about making an album. While I can get that impression through some lyrics "If I could play this same chord forever..." or "This is my life, this is my song, in the wrong key" I believe they are just very clever, yet misleading metaphores.

I had to chuckle to myself when I read the sticker attached to the cellophane on the CD case. It read "Someday I... Ref4. Includes such hits as Opener, Filler and Closer".

I'm going to go over a few tracks here...

The first track on the CD, humorously titled "Opener" starts with some violent screams. Then immediately slams into the second gear of the song, which includes a constantly picked note, straight agressive guitar and steady drums. If I were being chased by the cops, this is the song I would have on repeat in my car. Agressive, straight forward and just plain rocking.

"Live For the Moment" is one of my favorite tracks. The guitar parts are well placed, well written and not too busy as they are in certain parts of the following songs. This is most definately some sort of love song. The tempo of the song is just perfect, and the background vocals work along very nicely.

"Live Through This Record" was the first song I heard from this album. It's was a sample track on an O&O Records compilation. When I first heard this, I admit I hated it. But I would listen to it because a part would catch my ear, and then again because something else would grab my interest. There are some time changes where the bass and drums are hard to follow in parts...but that's the beauty of the genius of Someday I. The first time you listen, some parts may seem obscure...but the more you hear it, it starts to make sense and grow on you. The more I listened to this song, the more and more it became my favorite, and I've had the akward timings of it stuck in my head at numerous times throughout the day until they've became second nature to me.

The 9th track on Ref4, entitled "Suicide Prayer" is another great song. As stated with "Live Through this Record", it's hard to follow the akwardness at first, but it grows on you. The lyrics are painful and read like a cry for some sort of help, but yet they remain confident in a weird way. The end of the track catches you off guard, because the effects make it seem like you're listening to the end of the song underwater, which may be the reason for the cover art, which pictures a man drowning, lifeless in the water. Never the less, this is a great song. The guitar riffs are simple, but are phenominal in their placement and helping with the songs fluidity.

This album also has some of the most impressive production and recording I've ever heard. It's done wonderfully and this is the most "full" sounding album I think I've ever heard. Jason Livermore did the engineering along with John Meredith at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins Colorado, and I'm very impressed. The bass has wonderful tone and everything about the way the music was recorded is incredible. Every single open chord hits your ears like a ton of bricks.

Overall, Someday I isn't for everyone. If you're sick of listening to the same old music and want to venture into something completely different, then this is for you. This is in no way a pop album, even though after many listens you start to hear the hooks in all of the songs. This band deserves so much recognition for what they've done musically. This album is like a breath of fresh air compared to what's been coming out on music shelves as of late, or as of ever. Too bad that Someday I seems deemed to fade into obscurity.

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