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Ozzy Osbourne + Randy Rhoads - Tribute
Label: Sony
Release: 2002

1) I Don't Know
2) Crazy Train
3) Believer
4) Mr. Crowley
5) Flying High Again
6) Revealation (Mother Earth)
7) Steal Away (The Night)
8) Suicide Solution
9) Iron Man
10) Children Of The Grave
11) Paranoid
12) Goodbye To Romance
13) No Bone Movies
14) Dee
Tribute - Ozzy Osbourne  + Randy Rhoads
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     In music today, people come and go all the time. Although, once in a while someone will change music or have such a grand influence on it that when it’s their time to depart words alone cannot some up what they achieved in the course of their career.

     After Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath split ways, Ozzy immediately went into an alcohol and drug binge and had no plans of forming another band until his manager, who would later on become his wife, Sharon Osbourne influenced him to do so. Ozzy describes hearing Randy Rhoads play for the first time as God entering his life, the feeling was mutual to lots of young guitar players at the time, including one Zakk Wylde.

     Alongside Randy Rhoads, Ozzy recorded the best album of his career; Blizzard of Ozz and the follow up Diary of A Mad Man. Songs from these two albums and two Black Sabbath covers thrown in for good measure are compiled on this live collection.

     While Rhoads’ guitar work was amazing on the studio albums, it is nothing short of breathtaking live. His prized moment, “Crazy Train” explodes on this album with a new guitar intro and additional fills throughout, all leading into that glorious solo. It’s enough to make even modern day metal enthusiasts cream their pants in delight.

     “Mr. Crowley” and “Suicide Solution” both offer skilled guitar work to boot, especially in the former where Rhoads delivers quite possibly the best solo of his career. To add to things Ozzy’s voice is at it’s best on this recording; this is the best live Ozzy album, besting Live And Loud.

     The album has but one misstep, arguably the worst song Ozzy and Rhoads recorded together, the cheesy “No Bone Movies.” Also, since it is the albums closing track, it ends this great cd on somewhat of a sour note, especially since it follows an excellent cover of “Paranoid” that puts Iomi’s original riff to shame and a beautiful recording of “Goodbye To Romance” a subtle goodbye to Ozzy’s Black Sabbath friends.

     One can only wonder what Rhoads’ would be achieving if he was still around these days. But alas, we can only listen to this and see how impressive and awe-inspiring his skill was. Rhoads’ was easily Ozzy’s more original guitarist, and there’s little doubt that he was one of the best guitarists in the world.

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