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Police, The - Outlandos d 'amour
Label: Interscope Records
Release: 1978

Next To You
So Lonely
Hole In My Life
Can't Stand Losing You
Truth Hits Everybody
BOrn In The 50's
Be My Girl-Sally
Masoko Tanga
Outlandos d
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very good start. Some people say it's their only good album but those people stink with the smell of punk. very energetic, and yes, punky. opens with next to you, with sting trying to preach it like a brother but sounding like a dork. so lonely has a brilliant extended coda, and everybody knows roxanne, thinks it's regaee but no man it's a bossanova, a what? a bossanova not the pixies album no no but the music form.

hole in my life isn't as bossanova but it's pretty good.
peanuts has a great andy summers guitar solo, and rocks pretty darned hard. can't stand losing you has prompted my friend chris to say it's the "most fucked up song ever" and it has a nice little regaee thing going on i suppose even though i hate bob marley what a fuck he sucks real bad.

truth hits everybody is one of the hardest hitting songs the band ever did. especially with this whole "chime chime" thing in the middle 8th and then there's born in the 50's a kinda stinky ass song.

be my girl-sally is usually seen as a chorus ("be my girl, won't you be my girl be my be my be my girl" repeated) followed by a dorky story about a guy who buys a blow up doll narrated by guitarist andy summers it features broadway like piano playing it is a goof on roxy music but kinda makes the album go STOP cuz it's not that great musically but is kinda funny i guess plus i like andy summers so fuck you.
masoko tanga is an interesting jam thing, with sting saying lyrics under hypnosis or some shit.

not a bad debut. it's actually one of the best debut's ever, but the band only got better.

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