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Distillers, The - Coral Fang
Label: Warner Brothers Records
Release: 2003

1. Drain the Blood
2. Dismantle Me
3. Die on a Rope
4. The Gallow Is God
5. Coral Fang
6. The Hunger
7. Hall of Mirrors
8. Beat Your Heart Out
9. Love Is Paranoid
10. For Tonight You're Only
Here to Know
11. Death Sex

Coral Fang - Distillers, The
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Upon face value it would be very easy to dismiss this record, old fans might cry “sellout" while new listeners might accuse this of being "a Hole tribute record", but in actuality it’s all and none of these and not as bad as people might suggest.

The Distillers are a band that have been around for a few years, part of the Hellcat roster and scene, an association which characterises the bands sound and influences being deeply rooted in similar 70’s punk. But with recent history Brodie Dalle (now reverting to back her maiden name, and in more ways than one removing her association with ex-husband Tim Armstrong), personnel changes and a move to a major label perhaps it was in inevitable that ambitions and expectations would be high.

The Distillers try hard to deliver on both fronts, trading its original sound for one thats more rock than punk, and going for polished production and tighter arrangements,with the help of producer Gil Norton (Pixies, Belly, Foo Fighters) and mixer Andy Wallace (Nirvana, AFI, Slayer, Sepultura). Yet, however successful these guys are at producing a fine sounding album, its unfortunate that half way through some of these songs that it becomes clear its glossy appearance can’t belie that some of the substance has been tragically lost. The spite some of the songs spit sounds toothless; with the rough edges smoothed some of the power and drama (with some of the lyrics obviously addressing the issues of relationships) has been lost.

That said the album is a good listen and rocks along nicely with the band ripping through at full speed for the first half of the album, before losing momentum towards the end with similar sounding songs, and especially closing with the noisy, lumbering jam of “Death Sex”. The Distillers have succeeded to evolve their sound, and in the process produced some catchy rock songs. Songs like “For Tonight You're Only Here to Know” demonstrate that there could be a bright future for this band if they continue to expand their horizons and ambitions.

Song Highlights:

Coral Fang
The Hunger
For Tonight You're Only Here to Know

Reviewer Rating of CD :

i am in love with this cd

i had got it off one of my friends and it has not left my cd player since

brodie is hot and the band is great

i would recommand this cd to absoulutly anyone
she sounds incredible as per always

Reviewer Rating of CD :


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