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Elliott Smith - XO
Label: Dreamworks Records
Release: 1998

Sweet Adeline
Tomorrow Tomorrow
Waltz#2 (XO)
Baby Britain
Independence Day
Oh Well, Okay
Bottle up and Explode!
Question Mark
Everybody Cares, Every body Understands
I Didn't Understand
XO - Elliott Smith
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It's hard to find a way to critisize any of Elliott's music because it is all composed and played with such care the, that by the time it reaches a CD it is all beautiful. Elliott Smith was an amazing artist and this is a wonderfull proclimation of his talents some of the songs on this cd that stand out as being wonderful are, "Sweet Adeline" "Tomorrow Tomorrow", "Waltz #2 (XO)", "Independence Day", "Bottle up and Explode!" and "Oh Well, Okay". Even though these are stand out tracks I dont think there is one song on this cd that I can say is horrible. Every song has some part of it that is enjoyable pleasent to the ears and remarkable. I don't think Elliott ever really did anything that could be concidered terrible. ALl of his music was put together straight from the heart. We now must thank him and appreciate this music he left for us. It is all we have now. Elliott will be missed and loved forever. This is an amazing album and a real tribute to his skills as a musician.


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I agree completely with the previous review.

We miss you, Elliott. Thank you for the music.

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